March 11, 2019

Concerned Citizens of Catt Co monthly meeting

March 11 2019, 6:30  PM, Olean Public Library



P.O.  Box 181, Allegany, NY 14706


Rob Mrowka, Barry Miller, Barbara Dyskant, Glenn Wahl, Mark Heberling, Geoff Milks, Susan Ashby, Doug Ashby, Gary Abraham, Kathy Kellogg, Susan Wyss, Bill Birskovitch

Old Business

  • Upper Cattaraugus Creek Fisheries Management Plan-- Rob submitted comments to the NY DEC objecting that the project could result in radioactive sludge moving downstream and contaminating the Upper Cattaraugus Creek and Lake Erie.


  • West Valley Nuclear waste site-- Rob reported that the house passed a bill for $85 million for cleanup and remediation of the site. The bill will go to the senate next. Also, the draft environmental impact statement is being written based on all of the comments that were received. It will be 1.5 years before we can provide new comments.


  • Farwell Landfill Leachate-- Glenn reported that Farwell LF is sending less than 1 truck of leachate per day to the Olean Sewage Treatment Plant. Glenn requested May 2018 test results of the leachate from the landfill. Both organic and inorganic contaminant levels  were well below allowable levels. A representative from the Seneca Nation is reviewing the data. Glenn will talk to the Jamestown Sewage Treatment Plant and ask how they treated the Farwell leachate when they were accepting it. Rob will try to find out how  Olean is treating the leachate and if we can see data on contaminant levels in the leachate when it arrives at the plant and after treatment. We are still under the impression that the plant only has treatment equipment to treat organic waste and no equipment  to treat inorganic waste and metals. Even though contaminant levels were low last May they could increase at any time.


  • Defend Ohiyo environmental group activities-- Glenn reported that they have shifted their focus to the Northern Access Pipeline (NAPL). They are trying to start a coalition to involve all communities that would be affected by a fracked gas pipeline, including communities  in Pennsylvania and New York. Leah Opriya, a Sierra Club representative feels that she has been making too many of the decisions and everyone involved should be making those decisions. Also, we need eyes and ears everywhere so we are not surprised by important  local activities that affect all of us.

Ten  groups have joined the coalition. They would like 2 people to represent each group that joins. Rob and Barb made a motion that we join the coalition which we unanimously approved. Barb and Barry volunteered to represent CCCC in the coalition and we approved  them. Defend Ohiyo is also in the coalition.

  • NAPL- Rob wrote letters to 3 offices of the US Army Corp of Engineers to not issue 404 or 401 permits to National Fuel. These will be made available for everyone on our website to send on-line, or to print out and send in the mail. You will also be able to change them and add comments. Click on comment. This is not  the same letter that we were recently asked to send to Gov. Cuomo and Gary says that is accurate with what is currently going on with the pipeline.


  • Alle-Catt windfarm-- Gary updated us on upcoming events involving the Alle-Catt windfarm project. There will be an Organizational meeting on March 23 from 1 to 3 at the Franklinville firehall. You will learn about the Article 10 process and the potential impacts of  the wind farm.

Our  side (Freedom United and Stephanie Milks) must file a brief and any amended complaint by March 29.

The  town must file a reply brief and any response to an amended complaint by April 15.

A  hearing for arguments is scheduled for April 30 at 2:00 in Little Valley.

The  full name of the lawsuit is Freedom United and Stephanie Milks v. Town of Freedom Town Board and Randy Lester as Town Supervisor (No. 87572, Catt. Co.)


Other updates are that some members of Farmersville  and Freedom United are planning to run for council positions and Ginger Schroeder intends to run for county legislator.  Also, Franklinville, Yorkshire and Machias boards have come out against the project.

Donations to Article 10 proceedings to stop the Alle-Catt Industrial Windfarm-- On April 6 Attorney Gary Abraham on behalf of a coalition of local groups (including CCCC) will request $100,000 from the state to pay for experts and attorneys for Article 10  proceedings.  The money is to pay our coalitions experts and attorneys to challenge Invenergys plan, file briefs, give testimony, and attend hearings over the next few months. The state typically awards 80% of the money requested if the coalition also raises  substantial money. Gary feels that the coalition  should try to raise $10,000.

The board and officers of Concerned Citizens of Catt Co agreed to donate $500. The other affiliated groups in the coalition will also donate. They are Freedom United, Farmersville United, Old Order Amish, Centervilles Concerned Citizens and Rushford Concerned Citizens.

Anyone  who would like to make a donation by April 6, may send a check to the Centerville group because they are the party named in Article 10. Please note on your check that the money is for Article 10 proceedings. The address is:

Centerville Concerned  Citizens

P.O. Box 33

Centerville, NY 14029


New Business

  • Franklinville Maple Fest-- We will have 2 tables at the Maple Fest on April 27 and 28. Farmersville and Freedom United will supply posters, maps and other information about Alle-Catt and people to sit at one table. We will make posters about NAPL and have people to sit at  the other table. If you have ideas or would like to  help with the NAPL display contact Rob at ; If you want to help with the Alle-Catt display contact Mark at

Also, if you would like to spend some time at our table please email me and let me know what time you would like to be there.  We need people at the table from 10AM to 5PM on Saturday and 10AM to 4PM on Sunday. Barry Miller will set up at 6PM on Friday and  may need help.

Barry will also alter our mock up of a wind turbine and to-scale house to match the 600 foot height of proposed Alle-Catt turbines. Barb will work with Rob on a display and Barb will ask Defend Ohiyo if we can borrow any NAPL displays from them. Kathy will bring  CCCC signs to put on the wall above our  tables. If anyone would like to bake cookies or donate your green Alle-Catt t-shirt from last summer’s board meeting, we could give them out for donations.

  • League of Women Voters-- They contacted Rob asking if they could coordinate with us on any projects. Rob will meet with them.


  • Sign-on letters -  Rob signed our group on to Alliance for Great Lakes to protect the lakes from Asian Carp coming in from rivers through a proposed Army Corp project.


  • Interim Treasurer-- There was a vote to have the secretary, Sue Wyss also take on the duties of treasurer. Seven people/families at the meeting then paid their 2019 dues. Since the meeting Sue received dues from 6 additional persons/families.

The –next meeting-- Wednesday, April 10 at 6:30 at the Olean Public library. We will spend most of the meeting preparing for the Maple Fest. We will spend much of the May meeting revising our by-laws.